In tennis, a singles player or doubles team is said to have achieved the Grand Slam if they succeed in winning all four of the following championship titles in the same year:

  • Australian Open

  • French Open

  • Wimbledon

  • US Open

Though the term was originally restricted to the winning of all four tournaments in the same calendar year, the International Tennis Federation declared the official term as a player holding all four titles simultaneously, regardless of the calendar year.

Career Grand Slam

Winning all four Grand Slam tournaments non-consecutively is described as a "career Grand Slam."


Players who won all four Grand Slam tournaments but not in a row include age

Player Year Age
Fred Perry 1933-34-35 26
Doris Hart 1949-50-51-54 29
Shirley Fry 1951-56-57 30
Roy Emerson 1961-63-64 28
Billie Jean King 1966-67-68-72 29
Chris Evert 1974-75-82 28
Andre Agassi 1992-94-95-99 29
Golden Slam

The Golden Slam, or Golden Grand Slam, is winning all four Grand Slam tournaments, as well as the Gold medal in tennis at the Summer Olympics, in the same calendar year. Incredibly Steffi Graf accomplished this feat in 1988. Obviously this is very Hard to do considering the olympics are every 4 years!
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